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Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Home Building Questions & Answers

Do your modular home prices include all the options shown in the pictures?

The pictures and elevation drawings you see on our website often show finishes and items that are not included in the home price listed.

Here is a partial list of things that are considered upgrade/optional for your new modular home: Dormers on the home – garages – porches – landscaping – metal roofing – concrete driveways – stone veneer on home – premium vertical siding – dormers – kitchen appliances – stone countertops – solid hardwood doors – laminate or hardwood floors – premium cabinets (hickory, cherry, etc) – ceramic tile floors.

All of these optional items and finishes will need to be priced out on an individual basis. Please contact us for a complete list of standard specifications for your home.

How does the financing work?

We can help you get a loan!

At Homes45, we help our clients obtain financing for their new custom modular home by putting you in touch with some of the best financing options around. We work with a number of great local banks who are eager to help you build the modular home of your dreams. To build a new modular home, you will most likely need to secure a construction loan. If you are unable to obtain a construction loan or are interested in other loan options (such as FHA or VA loans), give us a call and we can discuss your potential options.

How long does it take to build my custom modular home?

You can usually move into your home within 60 to 120 days from the home setting, depending on the complexity of your project.

For custom modular homes in Michigan, the time frame is typically 60 to 120 days. The 60 to 120 day estimated time frame starts when we set your home on the foundation. KEEP IN MIND: after we have ordered the home there will be a period of time waiting for the home to be built at the factory. The amount of time we have to wait for the factory to build the home fluctuates throughout the year and can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 months, depending on many factors. We order your home as soon as we have the building permit, a closed construction loan (or cash in hand), and a finalized list of home options/décor selections.

Do you build modular homes in my area?

We take on full “Turn-Key” jobs anywhere we have a local Project Manager to run the job, and we do “Foundation & Set” jobs within a 250-mile radius.

We do “Delivered & Set” sales within 500 miles. Please call or email us if you’re unsure!
If you are unsure if you’re within our service range, please CLICK HERE and scroll down the page to see an interactive map that shows our service areas. Currently, we serve all of Michigan, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, and eastern Wisconsin.

In Michigan, we typically build Modular Homes in Northern Michigan, Northwest Michigan Northeast Michigan, Central Michigan, Southern Michigan, and all other areas too.

What does your "Delivered & Set" pricing include?

The “Delivered & Set” pricing on our website includes

  1. the HOME itself (built to our standard specifications),
  2. DELIVERY to your lot (additional charges if more than 75 miles), and
  3. SETTING the home on your foundation and completing the interior and exterior FINISH WORK after setting.

Please CLICK HERE to review our Delivered & Set Process page for a detailed look at the process when you get just the modular home itself from us. The interior of the home comes complete with cabinets, doors, trim, windows, carpet/linoleum, tubs, toilets, mirrors, electrical and plumbing fixtures. The walls are even painted with our high quality paint/primer combo! The “Finish Work after setting” includes installing siding on the ends of the home where the sections join together, finishing shingles on the roof where the sections come together, and the drywall/trim/flooring button up on the inside where the home sections join together. All doors/trim/cabinets/etc that are NOT located on the marriage line (where the sections come together) will already be installed. If you are further away than 75 miles, WE CAN STILL DELIVER AND SET A HOME FOR YOU, but we may not be able to do the siding or interior button up, depending on your individual situation. Call us if you have questions on this.

It’s important to note that the real life pictures and computer generated artists renditions you see on our website typically show optional home upgrades (like fireplaces or quartz countertops), garages, porches and other things (such as landscaping and driveways) that will need to be priced out in addition to the modular home base price. We price these on a case by case basis. Your home will also need a septic system, water supply, utility connections, etc., which are not included in the Delivered & Set pricing.

Do you have Model Homes I can tour?

Yes, we have a model center in Gaylord MI, as well as various model homes on individual lots in the Northern Michigan area.

In addition to our model homes, there is a good chance we have an ongoing project in your area that you could tour. Please give us a call for more info and to schedule a meeting.

What does your "Turn-Key" pricing include?

The “Turn-key” pricing includes everything in the Home Only price, plus ESTIMATES for what the foundation, septic/well, HVAC hookups, & plumbing/electrical hookups will cost.

Please CLICK HERE to review our Turn-Key Process page for a detailed look at the process when you hire us to do a full start to finish build for you. It’s important to note that the “Turn-Key” price shown on the website is not a finalized quote, contract, or offer to provide the listed items for the prices shown. The prices listed in the “Turn-Key” price are estimates for what those items are most likely to cost, on average, given ideal building conditions. Garages and porches are never included in the “Turn-Key” estimate unless specifically called out in the home description. It is also important to note that the “Home Only” price factored into the Turn-Key Estimate is for the home built to Standard Specifications. It does not include home options/upgrades that may be shown in the pictures.

What is included in the setting and finish work?

Setting and Finishing includes everything needed to get the interior of your modular home “move-in-ready.” (Furnace/AC are bid separate.

Set & Finish includes setting and fastening the modular home to your foundation, fastening the various sections of your home together, crane rental fees (assuming normal lot conditions), finishing roof venting and ridge cap shingles, house-wrap and siding installation on ends, aluminum soffit and fascia installation, porch light installation, interior marriage-wall drywall finish and trim work, repairing any transportation cracks in drywall, ceiling texturing at the marriage wall, carpet and linoleum transitions, adjusting interior/exterior doors as needed, and final interior touch-ups as well as a final sweep and vacuum. Everything you need to get the interior of your custom modular home move-in-ready!

Please Note: Unless specifically noted in the description, the 2nd floor of our Cape Cod Modular Homes will come as unfinished attic space for the price shown (Two-Story modular homes always come finished upstairs).

Also, for all homes the HVAC system (Furnace and A/C), home foundation, garages, porches, and all Major Utility Connections such as well and water main hookup, sewer system and drains under home, electric service and hookup, and gas service and piping hookup are priced separately on a case-by-case basis.

Can you build me a garage? (...or a basement, porch, etc?)

Yes! As a full-service dealer and general contractor; we can build whatever you want.

We charge a General Contracting fee on any site work that we manage for you.
You are free to manage your own home-building project. You can simply hire us to build, deliver and set a custom modular home on your foundation if you wish.

However, many of our clients don’t have the time or desire to run a full-blown home building project, and they will instead choose to hire us as their General Contractor. We can handle every aspect of the building project for you, including obtaining building permits, hiring surveyors, and arranging for subcontractor specialists to clear the lot, dig and construct the foundation, put in the well and septic system (or hook to city utilities), build your garage/porch/deck, and anything else you would like done. Our General Contracting fee will be detailed in your customized home quote. Please call for a custom quote.

Services We Offer

Delivered & Set

We deliver and set your custom modular home, you arrange all other site work.

Foundation & Set

We install the foundation and deliver/set your home, you arrange all other site work.

Turn-Key Service

We coordinate everything from building permits all the way to final inspections, and hand you the keys.

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